C-4: BEAM the JVM



Piotr Limanowski

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C-4: BEAM the JVM

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The drive towards microservices and reactive software uncovers patterns that have been identified and implemented for years. Erlang is seen as a corner stone of distributed, actor-based concurrent programming. Much work has been done to implement Erlang's philosophy for the JVM. Yet is it even remotely possible to have a full coverage of the battle-tested Erlang platform running on Java Virtual Machine? To have a general idea of how the platforms differ 4 Cs will be mentioned: (Basic) Comparison, Code, Concurrency, (Garbage) Collection

The talk identifies the differences between both platforms. We will focus on topics such as programming model, bytecode, memory model, garbage collection. We will also touch the topics of deployment and tooling. Starting off with the very basis of concurrency-free platform focused solely on distributed computing (processes threads) we will move onto programming model. The talk will compare JVM languages' object-oriented legacy with Elixir's purely functional approach. For memory model and garbage collection we will analyse differences between JVM's common heap and BEAM's per-proceess heap and GC. Hopefully it will give a basic understanding of Erlang programming platfrom and impact the way of thinking about it's fundamental 'let it crash' (therfore C4) principles.