De⎇ it! The Error Handling Techniques



Piotr Limanowski

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De⎇ it! The Error Handling Techniques

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Usually errors in imperative languages are handled by try-catch block or checking that each operation (function) returned as expected. This causes a lot of defensive coding with if-wrapping of code blocks. With more functional approach it is way easier to do so… The talk introduces two models of error handling: Erlang-inspired let it crash and foldable, Either-type and Kleisli composition related approach. The approaches differ in terms of their usecases thus they will be presented in a frame of a typical web application stack. The let it crash approach works very well on internal backend processing whereas the latter works great for exposing frontends to the client. The goal of the presentation is to expose listener to less imperative error handling techniques. Hopefully after the presentation the listener will be able to identify the parts in his projects where the models are applicable and valueble.


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4Developers, 11/04/16, Warsaw, PL