M-Words for the Rest of Us



Piotr Limanowski

A señor code arsonist based in Gdansk, PL. Been doing scalable web products, with variety of languages (see above for the most recent), since early 2000s. Constatly working on simplyfing things. I write, talk and ship code. Aside from that I'm el modo evil brujito and a future hoverboard owner.



M-Words for the Rest of Us

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Monoids, functors, monads, categories and morphisms. Functional programmers often use their magick spells. Do we need to care? Is it elitism or a real thing? Functional programming matters and it needs to be in everyones programming toolkit. The talk introduces practical side of category theory and abstract algebra. From imperative to functional code in a small refactoring steps.

Repository & slides

available at peel/ll-monads